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Air conditioning failure is one of the biggest bugbears in current vehicle maintenance and things can go wrong even with relatively new cars and vans too. At Greys Autocentre, we provide car air conditioning servicing and repairs on any modern vehicle, so you can be comfortable all year round.

What most people don’t realise is that air conditioning doesn’t only serve to keep the circulating air in a vehicle cool. It also has a role in air purification and keeping unhealthy germs out of the ventilation system by purifying the air through the use of filters. If the air is still cool, but something seems a little off with the air conditioning, it’s worth having it checked out.

Inspection Intervals for your Air Conditioning

The air conditioning in your vehicle should still be inspected as regularly as you service the vehicle and a full air conditioning service should take place at least every two years. Ideally, you shouldn’t wait until there is no longer any cold air being released by the air conditioning unit. If there are any strange smells or odd noises when you turn the unit on then it should then be considered that an inspection is immediately due.

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Car Air Conditioning System and How it Works

An air conditioning unit has many parts and sometimes servicing and certainly, in the case of repair it takes more than regassing to return it to a state of optimal functioning.

As the air conditioner in your vehicle is made up of several parts, such as the compressor, refrigerant unit, the condenser and even a small motor, there is plenty that could go wrong with any of these parts. We are established in the servicing and repair of these parts, so we can turn around most tasks in an excellent time frame.

Regular Maintenance of your Air Conditioning

Ensuring that your air conditioning is checked seasonally is a measure that will enable most car owners from avoiding expensive repair costs. Often when your air conditioning is checked at the time of other servicing and repairs, potential repairs can be avoided by identifying an upcoming problem before it has manifest itself in a fault causing further damage.

There are also all sorts of knock-on effects that ignoring a problem with your air conditioning could precipitate. Fuel consumption is a big factor. Air conditioning is a system on its own within the greater workings of your vehicle and if it is working inefficiently, it adds additional strain on the engine and the battery. Both systems will compensate and thus the impact on the fuel efficiency and energy supplies elsewhere on the vehicle will lead to overall inefficiency, costing you more than the repair would in a short period of time.

Signs of Air Conditioning Failure

You may also pick up signs that all is not well, particularly when there are leaks or blockages in the system. It is normal for some water to drain from the outside of your vehicle when you’ve been using the air-con, however, this is usually from condensation so if the water runoff is substantial it’s a sign there is a leak and it’s a good idea to have it checked.

The opposite is also true. If you don’t see any water runoff but the air is still cooling, that condensation must be going somewhere, and it could be a precursor for other trouble. Note especially that there are no interior water stains developing, as this is certainly a sign of trouble ahead.

Whatever your query or air conditioning problem, we can take a quick look and advise you accordingly.

Book air conditioning servicing and repairs 24-hours a day with Greys Autocentre. We can help get your heating and ventilation system back to working order and check your filter too. Just let us know if you’re experiencing problems or you’re just in need of a regular re-gas. Contact us today.

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