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Car Diagnostic Tests and Engine Faults

Greys Autocentre is equipped with the latest state of the art diagnostic equipment. This means that we can identify a problem with your vehicle quickly and inexpensively through its ECU. An ECU is interchangeably referred to as the Engine Control Unit or Engine Computer Unit, it’s the brainstem of your car’s core systems. We provide car diagnostic testing and fault code reading for most makes and models of cars and vans.

While it’s wired up and functions around the core engine systems, it will also pick up faults elsewhere in the car that can be electronically monitored.

Identifying faults in your car

As we use this advanced equipment we can identify most problems quickly and effectively without having to resort to a trial and error method to work out what is causing a problem with a vehicle. The equipment is connected to the ECU and issues an error code when there is a problem. Our expert technicians are then able to identify the problem through the code and establish how serious the underlying issues are.

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Multiple Fault Codes

In some cases, there will be multiple codes that arise because of the failure of a specific area of the engine and these can be all be addressed at once, saving the customer money, rather than having to maintain their vehicle on a hit and miss basis.

Essentially the ECU works as an onboard computer and is the first port of call when a problem emerges. The advantage to this is that it may identify a potential problem before it becomes serious. When fluids drop below minimum levels alerts will be raised, meaning that functioning parts need not fail if the problem is seen quickly.

The ECU can bring attention to problems in the engine, the suspension and other electrical and electronic systems within the vehicle. Most modern vehicles, even economy range cars, have computerised systems which make repairing and servicing a quicker process. You no longer have to worry about labour costs as a result of lengthy investigations into the causes of major problems within the mechanics of your vehicle.

Engine Remapping

Engine remapping is basically a method of enhancing your vehicle’s performance without having to make major physical changes to the vehicle or add or remove extra parts and interfere with your vehicle’s structure. This approach is often taken to enhance performance and can take as little thirty minutes to complete. However, the more complex the computer system of the vehicle the longer it can take to be done depending on what the customer is seeking to achieve.

Remapping is not uncommon and the difference is often noticed with changes in power and speed. It is imperative to inform your insurer, as failure to do so may be treated as a vehicle enhancement that invalidates your insurance in the event of an accident. It is better to be safe than sorry. It is most likely if your car was manufactured before the year 2000, that you will not be able to have it remapped. Computer systems in cars, just like home and office computers also eventually become obsolete.

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