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As vehicles age, things start to go wrong. It is how these failures are dealt with that will impact on the longevity of the vehicle. Most major problems occur because of failure to address a much earlier and simpler problem. At Greys Autocentre, we’re here to help that problem and can provide inspections, diagnostics and car repairs on all car and van parts.

A good example is that when the power steering springs a leak, you can be sure there is a problem in the feed of the power steering fluid between the reservoir and elsewhere in the system. However, while topping it up may temporarily keep the steering smooth, a major split in a pipe will cause all the fluid to run out, which will inevitably lead to a failure in the power steering pump. If the leak is addressed when it is first noticed or the steering begins to feel stiff then the resulting expense of replacing the pump is unlikely to occur.

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All types of repair and servicing

We provide an all-encompassing garage service, covering every type of repair within your car that you might need. Identifying a problem early on is key to preventing cumulative failures that can eventually make the repairs too expensive in relation to the value of the vehicle.

Regular servicing is one of the major interventions that any car owner can put in place to ensure that their car can be kept on the road not only for years but in some cases for decades. Good vehicle maintenance extends the longevity of all of a car’s parts. Replacing worn tyres in time will have a positive long-term impact on the axle and wheel bearings. Ensuring that brake pads are replaced will ensure that the overall braking system is not compromised and ensuring oil, water and other fluid levels are adequately maintained will ensure that there is a radical reduction in the probability of any major repairs required over a car’s lifetime.

Major, Minor and Seasonal Servicing

Greys Autocentre offers major, minor and seasonal servicing on all makes of vehicle and will highlight any potential concerns that can be addressed early on before they become an expensive issue. Potential problems as the time to retest for a MOT certificate are best identified before the fact. This is one of the reasons why a service shortly before the MOT is due is a very good idea.

As Greys offers the whole gamut of vehicle repairs, issues that arise during a normal service inspection can be addressed quickly, especially since we stock the most common parts needed for replacement.

Emergency Repairs for your Car

We offer both elective and emergency repairs and will offer advice on how to move forward when having to consider a substantial repair particularly to older vehicles. No work is ever started until we have had an opportunity to offer a competitive quote and have received the all clear from our customers. Once this has happened we will advise on timelines and arrange for any support that we can offer.

When a vehicle needs to be recovered, or you require a collection or delivery service, please contact us so we can discuss the necessary arrangements.

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